The Ugly Dog

For years, an ugly dog has called the little pet shop on Washington Street his home. During that time, he’s watched hundreds of dogs come and go. But no one’s ever bought him. One day, the old shop owner finds his store overflowing with dogs, and hatches a plan to sell every dog in the shop by the end of the day.

Will this be the day the ugly dog finally finds a new home?

The Kid Who Wasn't Good at Anything

Illustrated by Jamie Cosley, The Kid Who Wasn't Good at Anything follows one young boy as he struggles to find the one thing he’s good at, only to discover he has been good at something all along.

Children and parents alike are sure to love the colorful illustrations, fun rhymes, and positive message.

When I Was Little (Just Like You)

Beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator Aleksandar Sotirovski, When I Was Little (Just Like You) outlines the differences between being a kid in the 70s and 80s and being a kid today. The book is a great way to give children a glimpse of what life was like before the Internet, mobile devices, and play dates. A time when arcades, payphones, and roller rinks littered the landscape, and kids spent hours exploring, riding their bikes, and playing in the dirt.

Blip the Bit: And His Adventures in Retroville

Blip the Bit And His Adventures in Retroville chronicles a day in the life of Blip, and his three friends Bleep, Bloop, and Zip, as they skip through a computer-generated town filled with classic video game characters.

"Blip the Bit: And His Adventures in Retroville is a wonderful idea."
-Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

My name is Brian Ostrowski. I am a marketing and design professional by day and children's book author by night. My first children's book, Blip the Bit: And His Adventures in Retroville, was published in 2013. My second book, When I Was Little (Just Like You) was published in January 2014. My third book, The Kid Who Wasn't Good at Anything, was published in 2015. My latest book, The Ugly Dog, was published in December.

When I'm not writing or working, I enjoy watching 80s movies, surfing the web, and playing vintage video games--especially Ms. Pac-Man. I secretly wish I had a talking car, and that soda drink hats, station wagons, and keyboard-driven guitar rock would make a comeback. If I'm not home, it's probably because I'm currently scouring local yard sales to complete my boxed 2600 Activision collection.

I currently live in New Jersey with my lovely wife and two crazy kids.
To get in touch with me, simply shoot me an email at brianostrowskiauthor@gmail.com, or call me directly at 973-626-1131. (I don't have a literary agent, publicist, or publisher. Maybe one day!)
I know, this section is pretty paltry. But, hey, I'm just getting started! If there's anything that you need that is not on the list, just give me a call and I'll get it to you.

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Blip the Bit: And His Adventures in Retroville
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When I Was Little (Just Like You)
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The Kid Who Wasn't Good at Anything
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